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Latest – Breaking Hearts: Shoaib Malik’s Shocking Decision – Choosing Sana Javed over Sania Mirza! 2024

Discover the most recent developments in Shoaib Malik’s romantic life as he marries Pakistani actress Sana Javed, causing controversy in the wake of reports that he and tennis player Sania Mirza were splitting up. Discover the drama that is developing around Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik, and Sana Javed, the most recent character in the story.

Unexpectedly, legendary Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik tied the knot with Pakistani actress Sana Javed, igniting speculation about his possible split with Indian tennis great Sania Mirza. The cricket player announced the news on Saturday by uploading photos from the wedding ceremony on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter, with the statement, “And we created you in pairs.”

Rumors and Priors: Malik’s Relationship with Javed

Long-running rumours about Malik and Javed’s romance gained traction after the former Pakistani captain sent a birthday greeting to the actress along with a picture of the two last year. In addition, Malik openly defended Javed after she came under fire for allegedly acting rudely towards coworkers on set, praising her politeness and generosity.

The Surprise Wedding Announcement

On both sides of the border, the news of Malik’s union with Javed was unexpected, particularly in light of the persistent rumours about his breakup with Mirza. After being married in a customary Muslim wedding in Hyderabad in 2010, Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza celebrated with a Walima ceremony in Sialkot, Pakistan. In 2018, the couple also welcomed Izhaan, a son.

However, it seems like the first part of 2021 was when the fissures in their relationship started to show. The pair continued to be active on social media, although their combined posts dwindled with time. Sania and Shoaib were reportedly working together on a TV show last year; the result was “The Mirza Malik Show” on Spotify. The pair hosted different celebrities in 40-minute segments of the show.

Cryptic Instagram Post Sparks Divorce Speculations

A mysterious post that Sania Mirza made earlier this week on her Instagram account sparked rumours that she and Malik were divorcing. The article discussed the difficulties of marriage and divorce and advised readers to pick their conflicts carefully. This exacerbated the already-present doubt about their relationship’s status.

Shoaib Malik’s Marital History

This is Shoaib Malik’s official second marriage. It’s important to remember, too, that Malik vigorously denied any involvement in the rumours that he was married to Ayesha Siddiqui before to his union with Sania Mirza. A public argument between Ayesha, her family, and her sister Maha resulted from claims that Malik was already married to Ayesha at his wedding to Mirza.

Malik said that the whole Ayesha Siddiqui situation was a scam. Early in the new millennium, the two spoke over the phone, with Ayesha posing as a fan. Even though they were starting to feel something for one another, Ayesha would always get in the way of their in-person meetings. Malik’s need for a traditional wedding that included his family members showed that the person he believed he was marrying and the person in the pictures weren’t the same person.

MA Siddiqui, Ayesha’s father, received a legal notice, but the controversy continued. Ayesha made severe accusations against Malik, saying that they had a close connection and that she had once been pregnant before the supposed “marriage,” which ended in miscarriage.

In conclusion, the public’s fascination with the rumours surrounding Shoaib Malik’s split from Sania Mirza persists, and his recent marriage to Sana Javed adds yet another dimension to his complicated marital past. The ups and downs of Malik’s private life highlight the difficulties and ambiguities that frequently come with living in the spotlight.



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