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Exclusive : Nestle India Shares Turn Ex-Date for Stock Split 2024

Nestle India initiates stock split, making shareholders eligible for split shares as the FMCG giant strategically reshapes its equity structure on the record date.

Nestle India Ltd. has formally turned the ex-date for its much awaited stock split, marking a significant move in the market. Market aficionados and investors have been eagerly following the events around this decision by the massive FMCG company. The company’s board approved the stock split, which will significantly alter the ownership structure and have an effect on the shareholders who are the focus of attention on this important day..

Record Date and Eligibility Criteria

The record date for Nestle India’s stock split is today, January 5. The corporation will decide which of its shareholders are eligible for the planned stock split on this date. The split shares that arise from this calculated financial action will be awarded to shareholders whose names are on the list at the end of the record date.

Nestle India emphasised in an October statement that its board had approved the “Sub-division/split of each equity share,” which entails splitting each equity share with a face value of Rs. 10 into ten equity shares with a face value of Re. 1. This decision was made possible by the modification of the Company’s Memorandum of Association’s Capital Clause, which received final approval from the shareholders on December 8 via postal ballot.

Nestle India had informed the stock market bourses of the date of the stock split record.

Nestle India’s Strategic Decision

Nestle India made a deliberate choice to split its stock in order to increase shareholder value and increase the number of investors who can purchase the company’s shares. The choice is in line with the business’s dedication to supporting sustainable growth and adapting to the changing market conditions.

Nestle India Q3 Results Preview

Market watchers are paying close attention to Nestle India’s performance in the next quarter amidst the hype around the stock split. Kotak Institutional Equities discussed the company’s interesting position in the FMCG industry in a preview note for the December quarter. According to the paper, Nestle India is in a good position to achieve its forecasted 9.7% YoY revenue increase.

A 2.7% price increase and a 7% increase in volume are responsible for the anticipated growth. Kotak Institutional Equities projects YoY growth in export and domestic revenue of 1.5% and 10.1%, respectively. Notably, a sharp increase in Maggi LUP’s price had an effect on base quarter volumes.

Financial Projections and Margins

Additionally, Kotak Institutional Equities offered details on Nestle India’s financial forecasts. The company projects a sequentially roughly stable Gross Margin (GM) of 56.6%, with a small QoQ increase of 10 basis points. Deflation in the prices of dairy, wheat, culinary oils, and packaging has contributed to this development in part.

The paper does, however, highlight projections of a 65 basis point QoQ fall in Nestle India’s Ebitda margin, or 23.8%. The decrease can be ascribed to higher expenditures on advertising and promotion (A&P), which counterbalance the growth in the gross margin. However, YoY growth in the Ebitda margin is anticipated to be 80 basis points, demonstrating Nestle India’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

In conclusion, the impending Q3 results and Nestle India’s ex-date for the stock split have brought attention to the FMCG behemoth. Market players and shareholders are keenly watching how the company’s trajectory in the market and its capacity to handle opportunities and challenges in the ever-changing FMCG landscape will be shaped by these strategic decisions.



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