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Hanuman Jayanti 2024 : Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations in Namakkal

Hanuman Jayanti – Experience the divine grandeur and sacred celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti at Namakkal, as devotees unite in reverence, offering 1,00,008 Vada Malas to the majestic Anjaneya Swamy on this auspicious day.

Hanuman Jayanti

The Spiritual Spectacle on Hanuman Jayanti

Across the country, believers unite to celebrate the holy incarnation of Hanuman on the sacred event of Hanuman Jayanti, which falls on the new moon day of Margasira Monday. The magnificent eighteen-foot Vishwaroopa Anjaneya Swamy, who rules as the Moolamurthy, is expected to soar in this year’s celebrations at the Namakkal temple in Tamil Nadu.

The Grand Offering: 1,00,008 Vada Malas for Anjaneya Swamy

During the Hanuman Jayanti celebrations on January 11, a unique homage is presented to the esteemed deity: 1,00,008 Vada Malas. Devotees present these special garlands with great fervour in order to show their devotion and ask Anjaneya Swamy’s blessings.

Visitation by Namakkal Anjaneyar Swamy: A Spiritual Communion

Namakkal Anjaneyar Swamy blesses the devotees from 5 AM to 10 AM when they are dressed in the holy Vada Mala adornment. This spiritual interaction strengthens the significance of this fortunate day and fosters a sense of divine connection- Hanuman Jayanti

Anjaneya Swami Jayanti: A Day of Special Rituals

Abhishekam Ceremony: Purifying the Divine Idol

A special abhishekam is held at 11 AM, during which the idol of Anjaneya Swamy is perfumed with different scents and milk. The main event of the day’s festivities is this holy ceremony, which represents the purifying of the heavenly presence.

The Golden Armor Revelation: An Afternoon of Divine Splendor

Anjaneyaswamy, clad in golden armour, appears before the devotees at the stroke of one in the afternoon. The divine magnificence that envelops the deity and captivates the hearts of the devout is demonstrated by this visual spectacle.

Vada Prasad Distribution: Blessings in Edible Form

After the afternoon revelation, 1,00,008 Vadas—delicately crafted to resemble flower garlands for Anjaneya—are given as Prasad to the worshippers. The faithful enthusiastically accept this gastronomic contribution as a sign of spiritual grace, symbolising the benefits of God. Hanuman Jayanti

Crafting Vada Malas: A Labor of Devotion

An expert craftsman who works on the careful preparation of Vada Malas, Ramesh, provides insights into the complex procedure. This holy task is carried out by a group of thirty-five people from the Srirangam region, using 2050 kg of onion flour, 600 litres of ghee, 32 kg of pepper, 32 kg of cumin, and 120 kg of salt. The whole process, which began on Sunday night, is scheduled to conclude by Wednesday afternoon, guaranteeing the perfect display of Vada Malas on Hanuman Jayanti.

Significance of Vadamalas: Liberating from Celestial Influences

For Anjaneya Swamy, vadamalas (made with ulundam flour and ghee) are especially unique. It is believed that by wearing both Vadamalas at the same time, one can become free of the planetary effects of Shani and Rahu, signifying victory over cosmic obstacles.

Finally, Namakkal’s Hanuman Jayanti offers a spiritual show that blends devotion, ritualistic zeal, and divine benefits. On this auspicious day, the atmosphere is charged with expectation as the devotees eagerly await the major ceremonies, creating the perfect environment for a transcendent experience.



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