Zeri is returning with major crit-focused recent changes on the League PBE

Zeri is returning with major crit-focused recent changes on the League PBE

Zeri : After being cast aside after her absolute domination over the first half of 2022, one of the most divisive champions in League of Legends history is undergoing yet another round of modifications.

Zeri, everyone’s favorite mobile hyper-carry ADC, is getting a complete kit overhaul in an effort to return to the metagame after an extended hiatus. A designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, Tim “Truexy” Jiang, has revealed that a slew of alterations are being made and will be sent to the Public Test Realm (PBE) later today for lengthy testing; however, it is still unclear whether or not these alterations will really be implemented.


Zeri’s basic stats have all been increased to make up for minor or major changes to the rest of her arsenal. This will provide her a little more protection when laning, as she sometimes has trouble surviving owing to her short strike range. Although the shield she uses up from her passive is now smaller so as not to provide her with too much safety.

The Q that serves as this champion’s primary strike has its range reduced, but its damage increased across the board with higher attack speed to damage ratios. Her spell-like basic attack does somewhat greater damage when fully charged.

Zeri’s W, Ultrashock Laser, caused enormous magic damage to enemies when blasted through a wall, but it didn’t really work well with the rest of her kit. This ability’s damage type has been changed from magic to physical, and its AD ratio has been increased somewhat while all AP ratios have been deleted.

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Zeri relies heavily on her E, Spark Surge, which not only allows her to effortlessly traverse difficult terrain but also empowers her subsequent basic strikes. The mana costs and cooldowns of this ability have been decreased across the board, and it has been adjusted such that Zeri now has pierce on her Q for the following five seconds, rather than just for the next three strikes. With this ability, Riot is also promoting a crit-heavy build for Zeri. Depending on her critical hit percentage, it might deliver up to 65% more damage.


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The infinite duration and chain damage of Zeri’s ultimate are still there, and they scale better with AP and additional AD now. She may now renew the ultimate’s effects by striking other champions for up to five seconds, giving her the entire impact after just one hit. Her crit rate determines how many stacks of the Overcharge passive she receives, which in turn determines how quickly she can move around.

Riot will likely keep a close check on Zeri and these modifications for the next few days on the PBE, as she has been a balancing headache for months since her debut earlier this year. There is currently no public schedule for when these updates will reach the production servers.