Notes on the Fortnite v22.40 patch: Cross-over Rocket League moves quickly to the island

Notes on the Fortnite v22.40 patch: Cross-over Rocket League moves quickly to the island

Finally, the Rocket League crossover has made its way to the island in Fortnite’s v22.40 update, making its way into both Battle Royale and Zero Build after weeks of anticipation. In addition to that, v22.40 introduces the Grabble Glider, a brand-new weapon, as well as a brand-new game mode, daily and event objectives, and adjustments to the island itself.

Without further ado, here is everything that update v22.40 of Fortnite will be introducing.

a game between two teams of Rocket League

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With the release of v22.10 Creative, players finally got their hands on some of Rocket League’s iconic cars. Since players have been requesting that it be included to Battle Royale and Zero Build, Epic Games has finally listened. Supersonic speed, as well as the abilities to leap, double-jump, dodge, take flight, and drive on walls, will still be present, despite the mode-specific balancing.

Grapple Glide your way across the island

The v22.40 update has seen the introduction of the Grapple Glider, a useful item for those who must escape from perilous situations. You can easily fly by aiming at a wall or ceiling and pulling yourself up. When you get to your destination, you may land safely by releasing your Glider.

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Grapple Gliders, Chests, Chrome Chests, and Supply Drops may all be discovered on the ground. You should utilize the Grapple Gliders carefully because of their short battery life.

Limited Time Only: The Big Battle

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Two teams of 40 will compete on the island in the new Big Battle Limited Time Mode. The storm is rapidly approaching the first zone as the matches get underway. Items of Uncommon rarity are pre-equipped so that you won’t seem completely clueless. And beyond that, every piece of treasure you find in Big Battle will be Rare or better.

Create your own island for Battle Royale and visit others

With the v22.30 patch, Battle Royale Island became a blank slate upon which players could create their own story. Battle Royale Island, created by a different player, is now accessible thanks to the latest patch. As of version 23.00, Battle Lab will no longer be available.

Variations in Quality of Life

With version 22.40, the Fire button no longer displays the Interact symbol. Additionally, each “Use action” will have its own symbol.