“What a terrible season! “: Tyler1’s critical evaluation of League of Legends Season 12

“What a terrible season! “: Tyler1’s critical evaluation of League of Legends Season 12

Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp, reflecting on Season 12 of League of Legends based on his experiences in competitive play, had a straightforward assessment: “This season was rubbish!”

This was “awful” all the way through, according to the Twitch star. The fact that Riot “did a lot to attempt to make it better” leads him to conclude that they, too, were aware of the problem. However, in his opinion, they were insufficient.

The most popular League streamer quickly said, “This was horrible!” When the season began, “regular game MMR abusers” and “transfer accounts” were present in large numbers. Early in the season, everyone was earning D1, duoing, and evading placements.

When he leveled up to Challenger on Support, his luck began to turn. However, its duration was brief. When he moved to South Korea in May, he began streaming for 14 hours a day. He went through long stretches of losses and found himself at odds with the vast majority of his squad.


And things were no better when he got back to the house.

It was reported by Tyler1 that betters (those who bet on games and rent accounts to exchange victories) followed him back to North America and continued to disrupt his League games for another 2-3 months after he returned.

The season is ended, he said. Two weeks have passed since we first reached Challenger. I made an effort to hide in the shadows. It was my intention to set up camp in Challenger. That didn’t have the desired effect. The time has come for us to engage in our decay games. Each and every game involving deterioration ended in defeat for us. Then, we lost game after game. There are just around 490 LP left. Renewed the ascent to the 700-level.

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In spite of his recovery, the ups and downs of the season had shattered him. “I don’t give a crap, man. Worst year ever!” the banner said.


Streaming League will undoubtedly remain a priority for him, but the next season doesn’t start until January 2023, and preseason has only just begun.

What the future holds for Tyler1 is intriguing.