There are still twelve teams in the MPLI 2022

There are still twelve teams in the MPLI 2022

OKBET PLAYNOW : On day two of the MPLI 2022, four more teams were eliminated after being eliminated on day one. Three series between the Philippines and Indonesia, a longstanding regional rivalry in MLBB, are scheduled to begin today. As the first round of MPLI 2022 drew to a close, it was clear that it would be an exciting day of competition.


Initially disappointing news to start the day

To kick off the PH vs ID series, ECHO would go off against EVOS Legends. The Philippines team performed fantastic at the latest regional MPL tournament, coming in a close second to eventual champions Blacklist International. On the other hand, EVOS had a terrible time getting going and ultimately ended up in an unbelievable eighth position. With Ferxiic back on their team, though, the White Tigers were able to pull off a stunning victory.

Bren is still constructing


Bren Esports has been trying to regain their former glory for quite some time, and facing Bigetron Esports today would be a significant challenge. Even though the series ran the full three games, today’s performance was just as impressive as the team’s previous MPL PH S10 showing of finding their feet. The Robots just couldn’t keep up with Bren’s intensity, and the PH team came out on top to equalize the day’s regional rivalry score.

The Board Is Cleared and TODAK Does the Job

Both TODAK and Slate Esports took a break from their rivalry to prepare for a match in the Land of Dawn. When it comes to Major League Baseball, The Swordfish are undoubtedly more well-known than Slate, despite the latter’s strong lineup. After changing their name from EVOS SG to Slate Esports, the team hopes to achieve the same level of success as its ID counterparts. Inevitably, Slate would lose a matchup against one of the strongest teams in Malaysia, and that’s exactly what happened, as they were beaten 0-2 in quick fashion.

Conquer the aura Onic

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The series between ONIC PH and AURA Fire, which would end the day and the first round, would determine whether PH or ID was the stronger area at the moment. After the first game, ONIC seemed to have the upper hand in the series, but AURA quickly caught up after dropping a game. With a 2-1 win against ONIC, AURA showed its dominance throughout the next two games.

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With eight teams out of the MPLI 2022 tournament after day two, attention turns to the second round, which starts on Friday, November 4th. There will be another four teams eliminated, leaving just the MPL regional champions from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.



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