OKBETS | In League Patch 12.22, Riot Game Patch still ignores counter-jungling

OKBETS | In League Patch 12.22, Riot Game Patch still ignores counter-jungling

After reading the patch notes for today’s League of Legends update, the community realized that Riot Game Patch had implemented another major change that would make it very difficult for seasoned junglers to counter their opponent across Summoner’s Rift.

With the release of Patch 12.22, the 2023 offseason for League has officially begun, and with it comes a variety of changes. From new communication tools to the reintroduction of the Chemtech Dragon, the sweeping modifications will take some getting accustomed to by both new and seasoned players alike.

Some seasoned junglers may be dissatisfied with the new year’s implementation of a mechanism dubbed marked for death, which affects all jungle camps. In a monster camp with many monsters, the death of the largest monster will signal the end for the rest of the monsters. Monsters will perish after 10 seconds if they aren’t engaged in battle, and whatever gold they’ve earned will be lost.

Riot Game Patch


Some players found success in counter-jungling by stealing the giant monster from an enemy champion’s camp. This prevented the champion from gaining a significant amount of experience from the camp and also stopped the camp from leveling up and delivering additional experience later in the game. Though players may still take the monster away, the camp will still level up, becoming considerably less of a problem to anyone whose camp was stolen.

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Additionally, junglers’ damage to enemies on their side of the jungle has been increased by 20%. This advantage does not apply to any monsters on the other side, which implies that counter-jungling will be less rewarded as players might be clearing their own jungle at a far more efficient pace.

If you’re attempting to secretly seize an enemy camp, things could be more tough on that front as well as Riot has reduced the effective leash range for all camps. As a consequence, invading the opposing jungle won’t be as risk-free as it would be if players could simply move an enemy camp out of the way before killing the monster.


With these updates and the already implemented features, jungling should be lot less intimidating to players who have been hesitant to give it a try. But for seasoned junglers, reading about these alterations might be frustrating, particularly after spending so much time honing their play styles.