OKBET PLAYNOW  | ONIC Esports – MPL Indonesia Season 10 champions

OKBET PLAYNOW | ONIC Esports – MPL Indonesia Season 10 champions

After an unforgettable Regular Season and a series of nail-biting Playoffs, MPL ID Season 10 came down to ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi, two teams who had played through it all. These two teams have met in the finals for the last three seasons in a row, with Onic winning Season 8, RRQ Season 9, and Season 10 as the deciding match. Both teams have qualified to represent Indonesia in the M4 World Championships, therefore the championship match will be watched closely to see whether RRQ can successfully defend their crown or if Onic can mount a comeback.

The throne of esports has been taken by ONIC ESPORTS

After dominating ONIC in the playoffs, RRQ should be favored in this series. ONIC, though, would seize the series lead after dominating the opening game in a 13-minute rout. The defending champions didn’t rest on their laurels, however; game two was a spectacular display from the squad as a whole, earning them the first Savage of MPL ID Season 10 thanks to CLAYYY’s timely assist to RRQ.

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Despite this setback, ONIC were able to stave off RRQ and win the following two games of the series, advancing themselves to championship contention and compelling RRQ to alter their approach. RRQ really needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, and they seemed to have game five locked down until a single fight derailed their efforts. After being down and out, a Lord theft by Kairi kept ONIC in the game, and they finally won 4-1 thanks to a Maniac steal by CW in the last seconds.


With this victory, ONIC Esports took home the MPL Indonesia Season 9 winners’ trophies. Team success did not finish there, though, as Kairi added the Finals MVP honor to his Regular Season MVP trophy. Now, in January 2023, both teams will compete in the M4 World Championships for ID, hoping to finally take control of the situation.



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