OKBET | Blacklist International squeaks by Bren with a win after a tight call

OKBET | Blacklist International squeaks by Bren with a win after a tight call

Today would include some upper bracket action in the OKBET MPL PH Season 10 Playoffs, with eliminations not expected until later in the day. The remaining four teams would want to escape relegation to the lower bracket and instead advance to the tournament’s championship round, where they might win the right to represent their area in the M4 World Championships.

Destruction of the Kingslayer


Although RSG PH started the year strong with a victory in Season 9 and another at MSC 2022, it proved considerably more challenging for the team to maintain its position at the top in Season 10. RSG had much easier time with ECHO today compared to yesterday, when they easily defeated ONIC PH and knocked out the Porcupines. In a four-game series that lasted just over an hour each, RSG was unable to defeat ECHO.

Given that Atlas was a popular option for ECHO, the team was able to take an early 2-0 lead until RSG finally found a way to defeat it in game three. A superb backdoor play from Bennyqt pushed RSG down into the bottom bracket, a daunting place given who may be their rivals, just as the Kingslayers seemed like they could be making ground in the last game.

Blacklist pulls off the victory in the nick of time

Bren Esports and Blacklist International, the respective M2 and M3 champions, will face battle in the upcoming series, promising an epic showdown. A return to form was obviously a goal for both squads, and a solidified spot in the top three would help immensely in that regard. While Blacklist were the seasoned veterans, Pheww was the lone leader of the inexperienced Bren team. In game one, Blacklist would demonstrate why they won the MPL PH last year for a second consecutive year. However, Bren would respond by winning the next two games and threatening to drop Blacklist to the lower bracket.

Despite Bren being up a game in the series, Blacklist’s seasoned players’ cool composure paid dividends in wins in games three and four. Edward’s Benedetta used some brilliant split-pushing tactics to confuse Bren, allowing the M3 World Champions to repeatedly gain map control with objectives, finally leading to Bren’s defeat in a breathtaking 2-3 series.

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The second day of the MPL Philippines Season 10 Playoffs is in the books, and tomorrow will see the upper bracket final between Blacklist International and ECHO, who are competing for the top berth for the region at the M4 World Championships. Tomorrow night, Bren and RSG will play in a lower bracket series, with only the winner advancing to the next round of the competition.




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