Fortnite: Grapple Glider Location

Fortnite: Grapple Glider Location

Grapple Glider Location : Even today, Fortnite remains one of the most nominated live-service games at The Game Awards, proving its continued prominence in the industry. Epic Games has been able to keep its players coming back for more by regularly updating the game with fresh content that introduces new obstacles and weapons to the battle royale. The Grapple Glider is a new addition to the Island that arrived with the latest update, version 22.40.

By using this new equipment, you may easily avoid a confrontation by escaping by grappling. Locating the Grapple Glider in Fortnite is covered in detail here.

Fortnite: Grapple Glider Location


There are Grapple Gliders on the ground, in Chests, Chrome Chests, and Supply Drops. This effectively implies that, with the exception of coolers and ice boxes, the Grapple Glider may be found everywhere loot spawns.

Check out points of interest (POIs) with a high possibility of generating treasure for the best chance of discovering the Grapple Glider. Locations of Interest (POIs) like Tainted Towers and Rave Cave have a greater probability of yielding the Grapple Glider because to the high number of Chest and ground loot spawning in those areas. Using a Dial-a-Drop, you may call down a Supply Drop, which may or may not include a Grapple Glider.

Once in the air, you may release your glider after using the Grapple Glider to drag yourself to a new spot above you.

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Even while it may be more challenging to track down this item in particular, if you play enough matches you will inevitably come across one on the island. The location of the Grapple Glider in Fortnite has finally been fully revealed.