Did FNCS Invitational viewership need to rival the 2019 World Cup?

Did FNCS Invitational viewership need to rival the 2019 World Cup?

FNCS Invitational : There has been a lot of development in Fortnite in the three years since the last big LAN event. Because of the worldwide epidemic that cancelled live events with enormous audiences, Fortnite’s star began to fade.

The audience for the Fortnite Champion Series 2022 invitational this past weekend was far lower than that of the World Cup in 2019, but given the evolution of the gaming industry, the old clich√© of declaring Fortnite a “dead game” is perhaps best left in the dust for the time being.

According to Esports Charts, the worldwide competition that took place over the course of two days attracted a total of 381,915 views across Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube at its peak, with an average of 260,360 viewers over the event’s 11.5 hours on the air. More than 3 million hours were seen thanks to these numbers.

FNCS Invitational


The numbers weren’t quite as high as the more than two million who tuned in to see the battle royale’s first big in-person competition in 2019, but the shift from event to event shows how the game’s meteoric rise has led to more grounded and reasonable expectations for its future.

Due in large part to Ninja’s meteoric rise to fame, Fortnite broke viewing records in 2018 with just under 1.34 billion hours seen on Twitch, according to Sully Gnome. However, the game’s popularity quickly declined following its breakthrough year due to the emergence of other battle royale games.

As a result of Ninja’s departure, Tfue has risen to the top of the platform as the most popular creator for 2019, putting Fortnite in second position after League of Legends in terms of viewership.


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The game remained a top-five category on Twitch in 2021, and it is currently one of the top-10 most-watched games on Twitch today. This year’s FNCS Invitational signals a fresh beginning for the game, even if it may be more modest than some may have hoped given the game’s initial acclaim.