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Exclusive – Pune road crash: Porsche Taycan was at 160kmph when it hit motorcycle, reveals panchnama

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Questions Lenient Punishment – Pune road crash

Two IT experts were killed in a horrific Pune accident involving a fast Porsche driven on a motorcyclist and purportedly drunk 17-year-old teenagers. The episode has caused a great deal of public outrage, particularly in light of the juvenile justice board’s light penalty.(Pune road crash)

The Incident – Pune road crash

The victims were hit by the Porsche early on Sunday morning in the Kalyani Nagar neighbourhood, which was allegedly driven by the youngster while intoxicated. Witnesses recounted the horrifying spectacle in which one person was launched into the air several feet while the other was hurled into a parked automobile.

Government’s Response

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, has sharply criticised the Juvenile Justice Board’s ruling and criticised the relatively low penalties meted out to the offenders. Fadnavis expressed shock at the Board’s decision, which came with requirements like writing a 300-word essay about accidents, spending 15 days in traffic police custody, and receiving alcohol abuse counselling.

“How can the Juvenile Justice Board give such an order?” said Fadnavis. Citing enormous public outcry, the administration has appealed this ruling to the district court.

The young person, who has been identified as the son of a well-known Pune real estate agent, was discovered to have been drinking at a pub before the incident. The owners of the pub were detained by the authorities for allowing underage drinking, highlighting that Maharashtra’s legal drinking age is 25.

Drawing on the Nirbhaya case, where people above 16 were treated as adults in circumstances of heinous crime, the Deputy Chief Minister emphasised the need of treating such cases seriously.

The public was outraged even more when the adolescent was arrested then released on bond after a mere 15 hours. The father was then taken into custody in accordance with sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act.

Government’s Preventive Measures

Government measures to avert such events in the future were highlighted by Fadnavis. These include tough measures used against bars that break the law and more police presence at strategic areas conducting sobriety tests.

Political Fallout

Political controversy has also been generated by the event, with Uddhav Thackeray’s camp criticising the Pune Police’s handling of the matter. Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar justified the police’s conduct, claiming that the board had rejected their plea for authority to treat the youngster as an adult. For additional action, the police have now turned to the District Court.

Kumar disputed claims of police influence or bias, particularly in light of the accused’s father’s reputation in the neighbourhood.


In addition to taking lives, the sad tragedy in Pune has sparked a heated discussion over how to handle minors who have committed significant crimes. Justice must be served, and effective preventative measures must be put in place to stop tragedies like this one in the future while legal processes and public scrutiny continue.

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