Excel Nukeduck ( THANK YOU NUKEDUCK )

Excel Nukeduck ( THANK YOU NUKEDUCK )

Excel Nukeduck : This year saw the departure of a veteran player from Europe’s professional League of Legends league.

Earlier today, it was announced that Erlend “Nukeduck” Vtevik Holm, Excel’s mid laner, will not be returning for the 2023 LEC season. This comes after the company announced significant roster changes to their LEC squad, including the departure of top laner Finn and support Mikyx, potentially signaling a substantial makeover in preparation for next year.

Excel uploaded a goodbye video on Twitter in honor of Nukeduck, highlighting his almost two years of dedication to the team both on and off the LEC stage. Through his own and the organization’s content production, Nukeduck became one of Excel’s most recognizable faces, winning over fans with his infectious enthusiasm.

Excel Nukeduck


Throughout Europe, Nukeduck has been a household name for for a decade now, with over ten different teams competing in the regional circuit, the EU LCS, and the LEC. He previously competed in the World Championships in 2013, but has subsequently failed to qualify on many times.

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The mid laner played a crucial role in Excel making its first LEC playoff appearance in the Spring Split this year, and the team repeated that feat in the Summer. After the 2022 Summer Split, Nukeduck, a seasoned player in a region rich of talented mid laners, had the second-highest KDA of any LEC mid laner, according Oracle’s Elixir.


Nukeduck’s future plans are unknown, but being a seasoned veteran of the European League scene, he will almost certainly be participating with another squad in 2023.