OKBETS | Recent roster changes, rumors, and more for the Live Evil Geniuses of the LCS

OKBETS | Recent roster changes, rumors, and more for the Live Evil Geniuses of the LCS

When it comes to LCS fans, Evil Geniuses are currently seen as everything but evil.

When it comes to developing young talent in North America, EG is now at the forefront of a new era. During the 2022 Spring Split, EG was able to achieve this regional accomplishment by winning the organization’s first domestic LCS championship. Although EG had high hopes for making the playoffs at Worlds 2022, they, like the other three NA squads, ultimately fell short.

Evil Geniuses Impact


Now, after the poor conclusion, even EG is considering making changes to their starting lineup for 2023. In comparison to dominant North American organizations like 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, EG’s roster has a lot more focus because to the presence of only a few key players.

The pillars of EG’s future

We can skip over the obvious starters who are returning from last year. For the foreseeable future, Jojopyun will be the LCS’s most promising player. A colleague named Inspired has called the 18-year-old Canadian prodigy “the next Caps” because of his great potential. According to the League’s international contract database, Jojopyun’s deal with EG extends until November 2024. We don’t expect to see Jojopyun in any other jersey except an EG one for a while.

Former Summer Split MVP from the 2022 LCS season, Inspired, is also signed with EG until that year. The European import was EG’s most reliable performer all summer long and during the team’s international campaign in the autumn. Unless anything unforeseen happens, Inspired will continue to start for EG as their jungler alongside Jojopyun.

At long last, we have one of the LCS’s most prominent figures, Vulcan. There have been no rumblings about Vulcan losing his position in the bot lane despite his dismal performance in the Worlds group stage. Like his fellow EG veterans in the mid and jungle positions, Vulcan has a contract that runs until November 2024.

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Assuming there are no major changes in roster-building philosophy or internal concerns, EG will likely see a large portion of its 2022 team return for the following season.



For EG fans, the most exciting and honestly shocking development of the offseason has been in the top lane. Following their early elimination from Worlds, fans of EG started to speculate about possible squad upgrades. When the offseason began, there wasn’t a possibility that EG would be looking to trade or release Impact, but that may change in the future.

A short while ago, it was announced that Milan “Tenacity” Oleksij, a promising top-lane player from Academy, would be joining EG. Tenacity was a member of 100 Thieves during the previous split, splitting his time between the main roster and 100T Academy (where he played in the 2021 LCS Lock-In event) Fans of both 100 Thieves teams were taken aback by the rumored decision to bench Tenacity in favor of a younger player.

The difficulty of transmitting tenacity, however, has only increased with time. After publishing his story on Tenacity’s impending transfer to EG, journalist Sander Hove discovered that 100 Thieves were obstructing the move. Despite the rumored move, Tenacity remains under contract with 100T until 2024. EG will need to work out a buyout with 100T if it wants to keep the top laner. Since EG and Tenacity agreed that he would begin the match on EG’s top lane, it will be exciting to see how this develops. As things stand, 100 Thieves seems set to send Ssumday back to the top lane for their team, placing Tenacity in an awkward position.

If this switch goes through, EG will presumably replace Impact in the top lane. Among the LCS’s top laners, Impact has been one of the most reliable performers, earning him a spot (third overall) on the LCS’s all-time squad. More than that, with four splits under his belt, Impact is the longest-tenured player in the current EG starting lineup. Buying out Impact’s deal, which was extended to 2024 last year, would instantly make him a top free agent before the summer officially starts. Many fans will be interested to see if EG backtracks with Tenacity’s move being likely halted and keep Impact or if it will cut him go in the following days.


One week before to the start of LCS free agency, EG’s AD carry is the only other unknown. It was announced around Halloween that ADC Danny would not be returning to EG in 2023 in order to concentrate on his mental health. EG finished the 2022 Summer Split of the LCS sans Danny and continued their international journey through the Worlds play-in and group stages without him.

In the meanwhile, Muhammed Hasan “Kaori” entürk moved up from EG Academy to fill Danny’s shoes as the new EG head coach. Despite failing to capture the LCS championship and a deep run at Worlds, the opinion among LCS fans was Kaori had done well in the starting lineup. Although Danny will not be joining the team in 2023, EG was widely expected to re-sign Kaori.

Kaori joining Karmine Corp in 2023 was a shock to everyone, especially when news of her joining the company was broken by journalist Alejandro Gomis. Since Kaori is still officially under contract with EG until the winter, EG might block the move. Nonetheless, it seems like EG does not have a starting LCS ADC at this time.

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