European League of Legends | Top European support player won’t participate in 2023 LEC Breakspring

European League of Legends | Top European support player won’t participate in 2023 LEC Breakspring

One of the top support players in European League of Legends might be forced to watch the LEC as a spectator or commentator after spending the last two years competing in it.

Erik “Treatz” Wessén, a support for SK Gaming, has issued a detailed statement about his current free agency position, indicating that he will not be participating for an LEC club in 2023. As the league changes once again over this next winter, the veteran joins a growing list of EU talents who have failed to find a new home for the 2017 Spring Split.

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Rather than relying on a single, powerful component, “as League continues growing, the more it becomes about putting the perfect jigsaw pieces together,” Treatz added. I consider myself to be very malleable and an asset to any team. The offseasons and league play for competitive video games are brutal places to try to make a living, and I was recently a victim of both.

Treatz stayed on TSM’s Academy roster as a starting player until joining SK. The Swedish support gave it a go for two years with the team’s leading AD carry and legendary marksman Doublelift, but they ultimately failed to make an impact. So, he went back to Europe and became one of SK’s most underappreciated pickups by signing with the team after returning there.

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The undervalued 26-year-old had his “greatest individual performance [he’s] ever had” during his first Spring Split in Europe in 2021, when he led the LEC in kill participation % and was fourth in LEC assists according to Oracle’s Elixir, which aggregates League statistics. An up-and-coming supporter, he was instrumental in SK’s 8-10 record and postseason berth.

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However, the team’s performance since then has been lackluster, at best. Treatz, for instance, was forced to switch roles to jungle during the 2021 Summer Split since SK’s attempts to recruit particular players around the split’s midpoint failed through. They finished the season in last place, and have been there ever since.

In his time off, Treatz was more successful than he had anticipated, but not in the spotlight. Because of his popularity amongst fans, the league invited him to work as an analyst for a number of games over the last several years.

For the 2023 Spring Split, SK is said to be replacing Treatz with LDLC OL support Mads “Doss” Schwartz and making other squad changes. The roster, we’re told, has a number of players who formerly played in the English Rugby League and are now looking to establish a name for themselves in the coming year. Most teams are starting over with new rosters, making this an ideal moment to experiment with a new lineup.