Riot is updating Dr Mundo in an effort to make him more competitive in the jungle of League

Riot is updating Dr Mundo in an effort to make him more competitive in the jungle of League

Dr Mundo : Recently revamped League of Legends champion receives a few gameplay improvements that may help him excel outside of his designated position.

Today, League champion designer Riot Twin Enso disclosed that Riot is considering a number of adjustments to the zany Dr. Mundo, many of which are intended to make him more effective in the jungle. These changes, along with the previously mentioned Zeri tweaks, are scheduled to go online later today on the PBE for testing, while there is currently no information about when they will become permanent.

Dr. Mundo’s base stats have taken a hit so that he won’t be too powerful early on in the game when he’s playing both roles. Both the health regeneration from his passive and the health from his canister are being reduced.

Riot is emphasizing Dr. Mundo’s W, Heart Zapper, to make the power seem more useful. This ability will cost more health to activate and have a shorter duration, but it will enable him to recover more health after taking damage while it is active.

Now that Dr. Mundo can’t use E to instantly kill lil’ jungle monsters, those creatures take 50% more damage from him. Additionally, you’ll need more health to utilize Zaun’s Madman Q. Dr. Mundo’s abilities in the top lane look to be weakened as a result, particularly his ability to poke foes.

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Maximum Dosage, his ultimate power, no longer grants the champion more AD, but instead grants him health in an exponential fashion as the ability levels up. The ability’s healing capabilities are being enhanced with a new passive that kicks in at the highest tier.

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Riot will be keeping a careful eye on Dr. Mundo’s performance on the PBE after today’s patch to see whether the champion’s newfound jungle emphasis goes down well with players.