On day one of the MPLI 2022, four teams were eliminated

On day one of the MPLI 2022, four teams were eliminated

MPLI 2022 : Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational 2022 would kick off with four series and four knockout rounds. Today we would see a set of teams who were unlucky not to advance to the M4 World Champions, but it didn’t mean we weren’t in for some of the most thrilling Mobile Legends: Bang Bang series amongst some of the greatest teams in the Southeast Asian area.

The  orange has endured for a very long time

Orange Esports faced up against Burn x Team Flash in the inaugural set of MPLI 2022, pitting Malaysia against Cambodia. Due to finishing in third place for Season 10 in their zone, Orange was unable to attend M4, whereas BxTF, fresh off a dominating win at MPL Cambodia Autumn, would likely be gearing up for the World Championships. Two of the games lasted 20 minutes, and the third went for more than half an hour, so the series was a real slugfest. The Cambodians were unable to complete a comeback and lost to the Japanese in the event’s first match.

The Geek Fam has triumphed!


Even though Geek Fam has had a hard time competing in MPL Indonesia, they did finish third or fourth in the ONE Esports MPLI in 2020. As the two ID teams prepared to fight for their tournament lives, RRQ would be bringing out their backup team, Sena. With tiny errors on both sides extending games for longer than they should have been, this series seemed much quicker than the last. GF’s veteran leadership was decisive in their victory against RRQ after the dust cleared.

The Kingslayers were effective

Next up would be a showdown between two of the biggest names in the Philippines: RSG PH and Smart Omega Esports. This match would be a chance for both sides to show that despite their steep decline since Season 10 of MPL PH, they can still compete with the best in the world’s strongest area. Both teams started new lines to give their young players a chance to shine, but it was The Kingslayers who came out on top with a vengeance. A single day of MPLI 2022 was all it took for Omega to tumble out of the series.

Effective debut from Alter Ego

As the first day of the ONE Esports MPLI 2022 came to a close, Rebellion Zion faced off against Alter Ego in an all-ID clash. While AE has been having trouble in their recent MPL endeavors, RBL has managed to make it into the Playoffs for the first time in their history. Similarly to practically every other team in modern sports, the two ID squads played out the whole series, with a decisive third game being needed to decide the winner. While RBL’s performance in game two was encouraging, they were unable to repeat that success in game three and ultimately lost to AE.


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A total of four teams, Smart Omega Esports, RRQ Sena, Burn x Team Flash, and Rebellion Zion, were knocked out on Day 1 of the ONE Esports MPLI 2022. The other four clubs advance to the next round, but there is still a lot more great MLBB action to come on Sunday, November 3rd, for Day 2 of Round 1.



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