Blacklist International has won the MPL PH three times

Blacklist International has won the MPL PH three times

Blacklist International : Two teams have triumphed against all obstacles to reach the MPL PH Season 10 finals after a grueling season of competition and playoffs. This is familiar ground for Blacklist International, especially after their Season 9 slump, while ECHO would be eager to show their might by defeating the defending champions for the second time. Each team had already qualified to represent the Philippines in the M4 World Championship, thus they would be putting their whole focus on this best-of-seven championship match.



The loss of the “Royal pair” of Wise and OhMyV33nus in Season 9 contributed greatly to Blacklist International’s dramatic decline, and the return of the dynamic combination in Season 10 was undoubtedly felt. In the first match of the series, Wise took control of the Valentina and played it really well from the Jungle lane. Yawi’s Jawhead in game three was one of the most prolific we’ve seen in a while, using the Ejector well to catch Blacklist off surprise numerous times. This was all because to ECHO’s early series advantage, which they held onto to win.

While it seemed like ECHO’s two rapid wins against Blacklist may start a snowball effect, it ultimately didn’t work out that way. The real Blacklist International emerged over the following three games, as they dominated the map with their signature “ultimate bonding experience” approach, resulting in some spectacular plays and even a Maniac for Hadji as they swept their way to a series victory.


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Blacklist International made a strong return in MPL PH Season 10, winning the finals by a score of 4-2. They are now the first team to win the MPL PH championship trophy three times. Not only did Edward win the finals MVP title, but he and Wise and OhMyV33nus were also admitted into the Hall of Legends. With the World Championships beginning in Jakarta, Indonesia early next year, Blacklist International will be taking some much-needed time off before returning to defend their championship with ECHO.